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Big D and Bubba

Weekdays 5am-10am


We know how crazy life can be....and we want to be your goofy, chubby, best radio-friend refuge from the harsh reality of being pulled 100 different directions by your spouse, kids, boss, coworkers, etc.

Saturday 6am-10am

The Swamp Queen

Weekdays 10am-3pm


It is awesome to be back on the air in North Central West Virginia. I have been in radio for 28 years and worked in great places.Aside of loving the sound of my own voice, I love my job, my kids and my husband.


Big John

Weekdays 3pm-7pm


Back on the air in North Central West Virginia.3PM-7PM

Taste of Country Nights

Weekdays 7pm-12am


When you listen to Evan and Amber on Taste of Country Nights, you’re guaranteed lots of laughs and a dang good time! No matter what you’re doing, you can count on Taste of Country Nights to help you get through the night!

The Country Club

Saturday Nights 7pm-12am


The Country Club with Dee Jay Silver features mixes and mash-ups of hits from country music’s biggest stars and newcomers, with an infusion of unique rhythms.

Crook and Chase Countdown

Sunday Night 8pm-12am


The Crook and Chase Countdown IS NOT your grandfather's Top 30. One listen and you'll know why!

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